Honda F1 : Exploded View

The Honda Racing F1 car is made up of 3,200 individual parts, and if you been to the the British International Motor Show last time, you’ll be able to see every single one. Literally.

That’s because Dutch artist Paul Veroude has seemingly worked magic with his exhibit called “View Suspended,” in which each and every part of the car is suspended from above, creating a living exploded technical diagram. As awed as we are by the photographs of the display, we can only imagine how impressive it looks in person. Everything down to the smallest little screw is hanging in suspended animation.

Manufacturers always strive to have interesting displays at autoshows, whether they be safety demonstrations, cutaways, or other imaginative ploys to generate visitor interest. With “View Suspended,” it’s a safe bet that Honda will be capturing the attention and imagination of every single person who walks by it. It’s just that cool.

Click on any photo to enlarge it. It’s the best way to get a sense of the painstaking effort and incredible attention to detail that went into this piece.

[Source: Honda]

Here are sample I’ve done with Solidworks and its look puny! Laugh at me.. ha ha..

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