How to engrave text to circular pattern

My friend Omar trying to model his digital camera and mail to me for a comments. I told him you can add engrave circular text on side lens, he asked me how? Let try together..

1. Click on side lens surface and click Sketch.

Click on outer edge and click Offset Entities for creating guide line for text engraving.

On Parameter set D to 1mm, check the Reverse to make sure offset line is in inner side.

2. Convert this guide line to construction line by clicking the line and click Construction Geometry.

3. Click on Text , on its options click on guide line as it Curves, Type CANOON ZOOM.. to Text box, set gap between each letter to 120% and for different font type uncheck Use document font, click Font.. and OK.

4. For engraving, click Features>Extruded Cut on Direction 1 set Blind and set D1 to 0.50mm and OK.

5. Done.

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