How to use Mirror

In this tutorial, you will create this part.

1.Click New. Click Part, OK.

2.Click Front Plane and click on Sketch.

3.Click Rectangle, sketch rectangular. Click Smart Dimension, dimension rectangular 3in x 3in.

4.Click Feature>Extruded Boss/Base,

set D1 to 1.0in and OK.

5. Click on front face and select Normal to.

6.Click front face and Insert Sketch.

7.Click Circle, sketch circle at one edge.

8.Click Smart Dimension, dimension circle as below sketch.

9.Click Features>Extruded Cut,

set Direction 1, Through All and OK.

10. Click View Orientation, select Isometric View.

11. To add mirror plane, click Reference Geometry>Plane.

12. Click right side face, set distance to 1.5in, check Reverse direction

and OK.

13. Click on Extrude2, click Mirror,

select Plane 1 and OK.

14. To hide mirror plane, click Plane 1, select hide.

15. You’re done!

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