You can remove sharp point edges by adding vertex chamfer, select Chamfer select Vertex select your point edge and .

There is faster way to watch step how part is produce, try move horizontal bar (pointed green arrow) and see what happens.

There is a quick way to Pan your parts and assemblies by pressing ctrl keyboard and click middle scroll button… and drag it… Give it a try…

Normal To is my favorite tools while modeling the part, it’s use for align your sketch perpendicular to you..

This is your standard view control toolbar,

to add Normal To shortcut here, right click on it, there is unchecked option for Normal To.

Check the box for Normal To.

Hey, your new view control toolbar now have Normal To shortcut..

In assembly you can add parts manually by insert component, for add same part over and over you can pin the menu and continue to add parts. There’s quick way to add same part over and over in assembly just by click part and press Ctrl keyboard and drag to side. Try it!

Did notice a view orientation icon at lower left?

Did you know it can function as part viewer and can be clicked on it.

Lets try click on Y axis arrow and its arrow turn to gold color.

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