Did you know full radius fillet can be applied to taper faces and curve faces? Above picture is two example how I utilize this features.

To add this full radius fillet, click on Fillet on its options select full radius fillet;

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“Rafi Style wrote at 6:10pm from facebook

Hey …i am having problem with sweep boss/base function. I need to make a pipe for which I have made the required 2d geometry with fillets of 5mm in corners..When tried to sweep it says two reason that i am unable to understand

a)the path passing too closely to itself

b)the way the section twists as it moves along the path

Plz help me in this…. :(

From my understanding his problem is somethings like this…

Let’s analyze why?
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This tutorial will show you how you can control font size and it’s positions.

1.Click New. Click Part, OK.

2.Click Front Plane and click on Sketch.

3.Click Rectangle, sketch a rectangle.
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On last post, I’ve created an extension spring it’s model by swept a circle sketch along the curve path profile.

extension spring

Let’s take a look at the model tree

Surprise? Only one feature can model this spring? Let’s take a look deeper…

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1. Create new part, sketch egg shape on top plane using spline .

2. Extrude shape to 0.3in , click top face and right click Insert Sketch.
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I try to model a extension spring hook and here are my snapshot.. nice right?

It simple spring created by composite helix and curve and a sweep feature along the curve path. The tricky part is end of spring loop and the curve along the hook.

Lets take a closer look,

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