When you Linear Pattern any features and one of them miss the spot like this, you actually can skip this point using Instances to Skip option. Look on your lower left option…

Now click screw position you want to skip,

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One most important tool in solidworks is Measure (Tools>Measure..), it can measure for you in realtime point to point, point to edge and point face vice versa. The conventional length or radius can be view by clicking on the selected edge but this function has it own limitation. So Measure tool is very useful and frequently use. So why not put it in Keyboard shortcut. Right click on Command Bar, select customize, select keyboard, search for measure and put M as shortcut.

Did you know you can give arc length by using Smart Dimension in sketch,

First you give arc radius dimension,

Click on both end of the arc,
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Sometimes your sketch end up open sketch and could not continue to add features from it. Open sketch can be connected to next line using Extend Entities tool. You can locate this tool from Sketch>Trim Entities>Extend Entities

Click the line you want to extend,

Line extended to next line,
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Did your main tool menu like this? You might actually have other Solidworks tool feature that hidden.. Let’s bring them up …

Right click and select the menu

Have fun..

This is fun..